Steve Williams


A Toastmasters job is to give you complete peace of mind on your wedding day.

What is a Toastmaster?

The Toastmasters prime duty is to ensure that your reception and wedding breakfast proceed smoothly, correctly and efficiently according to your wishes. To do this he must have been professionally trained and has the expertise to organise and control with dignity and style.



He will, of course have made contact with you and/or your parents and with the venue well in advance and will have recorded al the necessary information. His individual duties are many and include:- meeting you on arrival at the venue, having first completed a thorough check of the arrangements, looking after your guests, arranging and effecting the line-up, liasing with the photographer, announcing the wedding breakfast, saying grace or announcing someone of your choice to say it, organis the ceremony of cutting the cake, the sequence of speaches and the presents/bouquets.


Other duties occur on the day and the good Toastmaster is prepared to innovate and act as circumstances warrant. It is very important that you choose your professional with care by asking about his training  and his connections with any of the recognised professional Toastmaster bodies. Again, a professional will not mind you asking these questions. If your Toastmaster is not a professional, however much you pay is too much whereas the good Toastmaster you may meet as a stranger before your special day gives such valuable service that he leaves as a friend.

Description of Duties

I like to contact future Bride & Grooms several weeks before the Wedding Day to discuss their personal needs for the reception. For example, do they wish to have a recieving line, who they would like in the recieving line, what arrangements have been made with the banqueting manager or caterer and what announcements are required. I can also advise on all aspects of wedding etiquette, if needs be.

On the day of the wedding, i arrive at the reception venue early. I will meet with the banqueting manager or caterer, check the table plan, seeting arrangements and place cards. Everything will be ready for the Wedding Part's arrival.

  • Recieving & directing the guests
  • Recieving & escorting the Bride and Groom
  • Liasing with the photographer
  • Calling the appropriate guests
  • Arrange the bridal recieving line, introducing guests by name (if previously arranged)
  • Announce the meal & direct the guests to their places
  • Announce the entrance of the Bride & Groom into the room & escort them to their places
  • Introduce the chosen guest to say grace
  • Announce the cutting of the cake
  • Announce the proposers of the toasts & speaches
  • Make any other announcements that may be required

During the Wedding Reception, I shall be liasing with the catering staff so there are no delays & all your guests are being looked after.

My aim is to make sure that you, as organisers of such a special event, have as trouble free and enjoyable experience as possible.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact Steve Williams by any of the following methods.


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